Welcome to the December 2023 edition of Compaction Catch Up, our monthly update on how the business is doing. We aim to show off our production capabilities as well as our superb team.

We broke our metal cutting guillotine so we replaced it with a new-to-us Morgan Rushworth Model HGL 3100/8 with a 3m cutting width. This new guillotine has a 50cm larger cutting capability which is a massive boost to our manufacturing process, especially for the larger bespoke projects we regularly get.

If you remember the bright red SC3000 Static Compactor we built in September the same company requested another interesting colour for their new HB550 Mill Size Baler RAL 4003 Heather Violet. But we do prefer their name for the colour 'Snow Fairy Pink'.

As you may have seen on our socials Steve visited A1 BAcon to get the measurements for a bespoke mobile compactor we will be building for them/ Whilst he was there he was given a couple of packs of their delicious bacon. The only thing to do with that much bacon was to make the team a couple of bacon sandwiches each.

With the Christmas closure, we made a push to get as many balers and compactors out of the workshop and installed as we could, we managed to get 15 installed in total.

  • Our engineers have serviced 56 balers and compactors this month.
  • We completed 15 installs this month, with 5 balers and 10 compactors, including a nice dark blue MC32 and a bright red refurbished 14yd mobile compactor.
  • Jordan Bishop, the boxer we sponsored had a difficult fight but came out as the winner, defending his title.
  • We have yet to complete the new 3D design room as we are still waiting for some of the furniture to arrive.
  • Whilst we had a handyman on site for the design room we asked if he could do some extra and got the outside of the mezzanine painted finally, it is no longer unfinished OSB and is now white to match the rest of the building.