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Managing all your waste through a single Partner

At The Pearce Group, we understand that waste collections may be the first step in reducing your waste, however, we offer a range of services that allow you to control and manage all features of your waste and recycling management, which not only minimizes your carbon footprint and helps the environment but also provides a more cost effective solution for your business

Our service allows you to keep track of all the waste you produce, ensuring that we recycle everything we can and give back as much as we can. We will identify any aspects of your businesses recycling needs that can be improved, so you can be more green and efficient.


Mixed Recycling & Waste

We provide a range of containment options (internal & external), compaction solutions and collection services to support all your waste streams, with solutions to support a zero to landfill capability.



Bin it, Bale it or Compact it - depending on your circumstances and volumes we have a solution for your specific needs. Quality grades can earn a tidy reward. All material is 100% recycled


Paper Media

Best white grades, office paper waste to print waste, newspapers and magazines, we can provide solutions to collect and review rebates for the right media.


Confidential Waste & WEEE

Whether its office solutions, annual accounts destruction or archiving and clearances we can support you. If you have data media (IT) that requires destruction we can help.

How can we support you?

Our specialist teams can offer advice and solutions to manage the type of waste & recycling you produce, increase efficiency and make your recycling process fully accountable and simpler.

Know where your waste goes
The smallest items of recycling are sometimes the most sensitive and staff may dispose of confidential waste incorrectly without thinking, leaving you exposed under GDPR and Data Protection regulations. We don’t leave anything to chance, our processes mean that every piece of paper is shredded, taking away any concern that your staff or customers personal information could end up in the wrong hands.

Bulk Waste
Do you have large volumes of waste? We offer large bins and skips as well as balers and compactors. For seasonal fluctuations or one-off projects, where you need additional recycling support, we can always help.

Get money back for giving back
How much money does your current recycling make you? With one supplier capable of managing all of your recycling, the efficiency and rebates could stack up to make financial sense.

Helping improve how and what your office recycles

Whether you’re a small office looking to become more environmentally friendly or a bigger business with mixed recycling needs and a requirement to ensure due diligence with your confidential waste.

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Packaging Company Solution - Concept, Design, Build & Implementation

One organisation came to us for a solution to their growing abundance of recycling and waste.

Historically, having used balers and bins/ skips, this was time consuming and waste being double handled, along with lots of collections.

Now with a series of Compactors at site with colour coded internal bins to external compactor, waste handling is kept to a minimum with reduced collections.