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Are you producing lots of Recycling material?

We understand that sometimes your business needs more frequent collections for your recycling. We can offer regular scheduled recycling collections, as well as containment to meet your needs. You may currently bale your material, let us update you on its current value.


Bulk Paper

There are various grades from 'Best White' to Newspaper and Magazines. Contact us for the latest market rates & rebate value


Bulk Destruction

Bulk confidential on pallets, in Dolav's or Archive boxes we can mange for you. We can collect and destroy and provide competitive rates.


Bulk Cardboard

There are typically three grades of cardboard, from the very best corrugated, in mill size bales, wire tied and ready to go straight to stock. To material that needs resorting, re-baling possibly loose and has a high print content. We can advise on your grade and value.


Bulk Recycling

In single streams i.e. plastic clear film, plastic bottles, tin or aluminium cans in volume can potentially have a market value. We can advise on your grade and value.

Bulk Waste & Recycling

Do you have large volumes of Waste & Recycling? We offer large bins, skips and RORO’s as well as compacton equipment (balers and compactors). For seasonal fluctuations or one-off projects where you need additional waste & recycling support we can always help.

Recycle more
Our depots and recycling plants utilise our own manufactured compaction and baling equipment. This means we’re never waiting for repairs or expert technicians – we have our own, allowing us to run our operations every hour of every day with minimal disruption to you. With the capability to manage and process vast amounts of different recycling waste, from pick-up to destruction, we keep your audit trail transparent and simple at all times.

Balers and Compactors
Our balers and compactors can manage mixed recycling which essentially means less equipment doing more. For specific environments we can tailor equipment to meet your needs, exactly. With a UK manufacturing base, installation and servicing. Parts can be sourced easily, ensuring your equipment is operating at peak performance, 24/7, UK wide.

Expert Knowledge
We have the skills, reputation and capability to manage and deliver large-scale public sector waste & recycling contracts. In addition to our many different collection trucks on the road and four recycling centres, we offer specialist advice and solutions to manage the type of waste & recycling you produce, increase your efficiency and make your waste & recycling processes accountable and simpler.

Automotive Distributor Reduces General Waste by Introducing Recycling.

By separating our waste we have significantly reduced the amount of material going to landfill. We utilise a baler for our cardboard and receive remuneration for this. We have introduced a static compactor for all our other recycling.

Pearce supplied us with a comprehensive solution where sack holder boxes for different grades of waste, Recycling, Paper & General Waste are deployed across our site, with clear signage, making it easy for our staff.

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