Horse 370 x 300 px

ECObed Animal Bedding

ECObed is a comfortable, safe and natural solution for all animals, from domestic pets, game and poultry, to horses in large stable-yards.
ECObed comes in cardboard shavings, paper bedding and a small pet bale, and they are all dust-free, which means they are even suitable for small domestic pets that commonly suffer with respiratory issues.

Cardboard shavings – completely biodegradable, made with a blend of pre and post consumer cardboard, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill. The cardboard is 100% corrugated, which helps it to maintain heat and allows liquid to run through to the floor so that it can be absorbed by the bottom layer, keeping the top layer dry. This means less wastage and less time mucking out/cleaning. Suitable for equestrian, game & poultry, and domestic pets.

Paper bedding – Low dust, environmentally friendly and provides a warm, soft option for your animals. The bedding provides a warm, comfortable environment that doesn’t stick to the animals’ fur making it ideal for keeping animals clean and healthy.

Jackson Reed-Stephenson, International Show Jumper

"I love using ECObed for my team of horses. They seem to lay down more on the paper bedding, it does look comfier for them. The paper bales cover a lot of the stable area, so I don’t need to use as much making it much more economical. I will never go back to dusty shavings, I think ECObed bedding is the best product on the market."

ECObed the environmental alternative

All of our ECObed products are odourless, and have a low dust count, which means that they are cleaner, easier to use and better for your animals’ health too. Our ECObed products can also be recycled as mulch or on the compost heap, where it will decompose quicker than hay or straw.