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We help you to improve your office recycling

We educate you and your staff on how to recycle effectively and efficiently. We supply recycling stations and helpful posters at strategic locations in your business to maximise separation and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, both saving you money and the environment.

With decades as proven recycling specialists, our solutions have been developed to maximise efficiency, minimise environment impact and simplify the entire office recycling process.


Mixed Recycling

Our smart mixed recycling units simplify the recycling process in an office environment. We currently collect and recycle paper media, light plastics (bottles & cups etc), tin & aluminium cans, light cardboard and paper cups.


Cardboard Recycling

Brown corrugated cardboard can quickly build up, taking up space and become a hazard. For those short on space we offer regular doorstep collections, with bins, skips and baler / compactor options.


Paper Recycling

Office paper is recycled at our paper shredding facility where it will be shred as a standard procedure before it enters the recycling process, taking away any worry of low level confidential waste being security compromised.


Confidential Destruction Service & Recycling

For those requiring confidential documentation destruction, we offer secure lockable cabinets for safe storage prior to collection by our DBS checked drivers, we do not outsource any aspect of our confidential waste service.

Positive environmental impact, savings & returns for customers

Many clients are currently using our Paper Planet office recycling and confidential waste services. Smart collection units and a simple process have seen customers increase the materials being recycled, in some cases achieving up to 90% recycling rates.

In collaboration with Customers we will collect as agreed, through our multiple collection vehicles, with extra pick-up’s available when required. Either on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

For those clients with large volumes of single stream materials; cardboard, plastic film, paper & cardboard 'Revenue Returns' are possible.

We spend time educating customers about what items can be recycled effectively and how to reduce the level of items ending up in landfill.

Managing Waste Better - Separating at Source

Companies using the Paper Planet scheme in their offices are easily able to separate their paper, recycling and general waste. Providing staff with colour coded receptacles makes it easy to place material in the right place. This sack model is ideal for Customers that have no space for outside bins.

Helping improve how and what your office recycles

Whether you’re a small office looking to become more environmentally friendly or a larger business with mixed recycling needs and a requirement to ensure due diligence with your confidential waste.

Take the guesswork out of what you need, let our experts work out the best solutions for you.


Have seen positive impact


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Customer Satisfaction rate


You will need a complete audit trail including certificates of destruction, along with evidence of your processes and policies which we can provide and tailor to suit your requirements
You should shred anything that has anyone’s personal details on, whether in part or full, e.g. a post-it note with someone’s name and number on
Dry, mixed recycling, such as yoghurt pots, cartons, cans, plastic bottles (washed out - no residues), light cardboard, newspapers, magazines and paper media.
Wallpaper, laminated paper, tissues, general or wet waste, ring binders and spiral bound notebooks Glass, contaminated containers, contaminated packaging, wax coated cups, food waste and hard plastic. Please contact us for an alternative service and advice should you have a requirement
Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or using the enquiry form, we are happy to assist and advise.