Welcome to the February edition of Compaction Catch Up, our monthly update on how the business is doing. We aim to show off our production capabilities as well as our superb team.

A collage of the Bespoke SC3000 Static Compactor we installed at Poole Hospital. And one photo of the Bespoke MC32 Mobile Compactor we built for A1 Bacon.
Another collage with the top photo of the bespoke MC32 Mobile Compactor we built for A1 Bacon. A phot o from the 3 Counties Expo Keith Rapp was at in Luton and a photo fromTina and Grahams wedding.
  • We completed building and installing a large and bespoke SC3000 Static Compactor for a hospital on the South Coast. Their new static needed to be dock loaded and the walkway needed replacing as the old one was well worn after 30 years of use.
  • We also installed a bespoke MC32 Wet Waste Mobile Compactor at A1 Bacon. They have height and width restrictions in the loading bay as well as very little room to manoeuvre so we shrunk a MC32 frame to fit and added extra rollers and hook so the compactor can be reversed easily in and out of position. There were some initial teething issues with bags still sitting on top of the packer so we changed the number of cycles from 2 to 5 through the SmarTec remote interface (no engineer callout) and this has resolved the issue.
  • Keith Rapp was at the 3 Counties Expo this year to connect with business owners and managers. He was there as a representative of Pearce Group. Keith said it was a busy event and he spoke to many people, some he will be meeting with in the future.
  • Our Sales Office Manager Tina got married to her long-term partner Graham this month in an intimate ceremony in Verwood. They had their honeymoon in sunny Spain.

This month has been another busy month with a lot of single-machine orders going on our production board, rather than the multi-machine orders of January

  • Our engineers have serviced 108 balers and compactors this month.
  • We completed 10 installs again this month.
  • We did 1 LOLER this month and no training sessions but we have had to use a couple of our field engineers in the workshop to cover holidays.
The BBQ Steve organised
The BBq T& L Steel organised
Th BBQ T&L Steel organised
Another one from the BBq T&L Steel organised
  • We had a good month for cooked breakfasts with Steve hosting one for us at the beginning of the month and inviting T&L Steel, who are helping us with some welding. They returned the favour by hosting us on the last week of the month and treating us to a fantastic breakfast, they certainly had us beat with their set-up! We can’t wait to see what feasts we get next month!
  • We had a large waste management company visit our Verwood workshop to see how we do things and have a chat with Steve about our SolarPac and its capabilities. They were impressed and put in an order for 2 mobile compactors with SolarPac upgrades the same week.
  • One of the large orders we received in January for Mobile Compactors has, on a second visit to their sites, needed the compactors to be lower so they fit in the undergrounds better. We have adjusted the designs on the skip to be 100mm lower and the bin lift at its maximum height reaches only 2.5 metres.
two MC32 Mobile Compactors that were built for another of our trade partners.
A black MC32 Mobile Compactor that got sent to one of our trade partners.