Welcome to the July 2023 edition of Compaction Catch Up, our monthly update on how the business is doing. We aim to show off our production capabilities and our superb team.

Compaction Catch Up July 2023. A series of photos of balers that have been installed in July 2023.
Compaction Catch Up July 2023. A rendering of a new spec sheet.

The marketing team is working on updating the spec sheets so they contain the latest information, as we continually improve all our balers and compactors.

We are sure they will become an invaluable and informative touchpoint for prospective partners.

Our Marketing Assistant Kevin and his fiance Roberta completed the Pretty Muddy Race for Life in Southampton, raising some much-needed cash for Cancer Research. Unfortunately, a disease both are familiar with.

Compaction Catch Up July 2023. Our Marketing assistant and his fiance at the finish line of the Cancer Research Pretty Mudder.
Compaction Catch Up July 2023. Our 3d artist and director designing a bespoke bin lift system for a static compactor.

Our team's 3D artist has recently upgraded his computer to support the latest version of Solidworks. Together with Steve, they are currently updating various baler and compactor designs while also working on bespoke systems that have been requested. One of their current projects involves designing a special bin lift for a unique style of bin. We are sure they will become an invaluable and informative touchpoint for prospective partners.

July saw the hottest day on record for the planet with an average world-wide temperature of 17.01 Celcius, beating the previous record of 16.92 in 2016. Numerous countries have experienced severe heat waves that have resulted in numerous fatalities and wildfires. We are glad we are doing our part to reduce our and our partners' impact on the environment.

  • Our engineers have had a busy month, having serviced 98 balers and compactors and completed 2 LOLERs.
  • Our solar panels at our Verwood workshop produced 7.63MWh this month bringing our total production this year to 42.31MWh
  • Whilst we are talking solar, the new solar-powered static compactor we installed last month, we have been told is working flawlessly.
  • The Ops team have completed the digitising of files up to the letter E now.
  • DEFRA and the Environmental Agency have unveiled the removal of the cap for fines for polluters. A move that we support.
Compaction Catch Up July 2023. Image of a black baler and a mc32 mobile compactor halfway through paint process.
HB450 we installed at a left tech services company
compaction catch up july 2023. image of workshop withdifferent coloured balers
Our new van for our engineer Ashley
  • One of the vans is becoming too unreliable after 200,000 miles on it. So we bought a new long-wheelbase Ford Transit Custom. Our engineer Ashley will get this new van once all our branding covers it.
  • As we mentioned last month we had some system malfunctions that affected our ability to work, so we have decided to upgrade several systems including our phones and internet to improve our resilience and reliability. If we experience any interruptions we will let everyone know through our social media.