Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Compaction Catch Up, our monthly update on how the business is doing. We aim to show off our production capabilities as well as our superb team.

  • We installed a SC3000BL Static Compactor with Bin Lift for one of our neighbours here in Verwood. They didn't have any cost-effective way to get power outside due to the layout of their yard and warehouse so solar was the best way for them. As they are so close we used the workshop team to complete the install. We installed 4 large solar panels on a storage container next to the compactor position, this was to allow us to have the panels tilted towards South for optimal charging.
  • Mark is currently working on three bespoke static compactor designs, an over-the-rear lift, dock loaded, and a super secret one that is in the early stages of development so we can't talk about it...yet!
  • We did a full fire evacuation drill with everyone getting to the fire point in 1 minute and 13 seconds, a fantastic result! We also had a quick toolbox talk with the whole team... and got disturbed by an ice cream truck that Steve waved down and treated us all to whatever we wanted.
Solar panels for a SC3000 based in Verwood
Solar powered SC3000BL Static Compactor installed at one of our neighbours in Verwood
Ice cream party at the Verwood workshop

We have been blasting through our production board, a lot of machines were finished and most have been delivered as well

Queing nicely for breakfast
Enjoying breakfast
Guide Rails for a MC32BL Mobile Compactor

  • Our engineers have serviced 90 balers and compactors this month.
  • We installed 23 compactors and balers, across 17 sites.
  • We performed 3 LOLERS.
  • Towards the end of the month as the office staff were just sitting down to get to work, Steve announced the food truck was outside so grab something. It's always a good day when a second breakfast is on the menu.
  • We have built several safety cages and guide rails for the mobile compactors we have installed in London. As many of these have been underground loading bays with limited space the guide rails are designed to prevent the compactor from causing damage as it is emptied and returned. The safety cages are fantastic in general but in limited spaces where a pedestrian walkway can't always be directed away from the compactor, the cages prevent accidental interference when it's in operation.
  • We had a couple of slightly modified machines get built this month, a SC3000 Static Compactor that needed a modified turnbuckle to operate more easily with the cage still in place. Unfortunately, our first design didn't work as well as anticipated so we redesigned and reinstalled it. The same site also need a HB50 Mill Size Baler that had the bottom door opening the opposite way to standard so it would work where the site was planning on placing it.
  • On a not-so-positive note, we had one of our vans stolen from the Verwood site. The van was found in a field a few miles away but was burnt out and the investigation is still ongoing.
SC3000 Static Compactor with modified turnbuckle getting delivered
HB550 Mill Size Baler with modified bottom door
a safety cage for a MC32 Mobile Compactor