We are excited to introduce the brand-new MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift, an evolution of our trusted MC14 Mobile Compactor. This innovative model offers the versatility to lift various types of bins. It's designed for businesses facing the challenge of managing substantial general waste without having the space for larger waste management systems. Recent shifts in transportation and other costs have led even smaller businesses and sites to recognize the advantages of waste compaction.

the MC14BL mobile compactor partially weleded

The Challenge

Our standard MC14 Mobile Compactor, with a length of just 4.4 meters, was created for businesses with limited space. The challenge with the MC14BL Mobile Compactor was to keep it compact while retaining a spacious skip. Due to its smaller size, simply adding a bin lift system would have caused the MC14 to tip forward when lifting heavy bins. This posed risks to operators and could damage the compactor. Traditional bin lift systems with a single flap door created a large loading hopper, which reduced skip space while necessitating a large opening for bin emptying, to reduce spillages.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, we took a fresh approach and undertook a complete redesign of the MC14BL Mobile Compactor, focusing on the bin lift. The frame was redesigned to provide better support for the weight and stresses the bin lift creates, drawing inspiration from our larger mobile compactors. We reinforced the front panels with additional thickness and bracing to ensure they could withstand the stress of the bin lift over many years. A more substantial frame was used to minimize flexing caused by repeated lifts.

We explored various door options, including bifold and trifold doors, in an effort to maintain dimensions close to those of the standard MC14. However, these mechanisms proved to be too complicated and less reliable. Therefore, we opted for a larger hopper and a standard hinged door and extended the compactor's length by 250mm to ensure reliability. All design changes were meticulously tested using our 3D rendering program, enabling us to identify and resolve potential issues before any metal was cut.

Before applying the final paint, a test lift was conducted with a transport truck to ensure the compactor's stability. Although it exhibited a slight front-heavy tendency when lifted, there was no risk of tipping while in the air. Nevertheless, it became apparent that the footprint was too short for safe transportation. An easy solution was implemented by adding extra framing to lengthen the footprint to fit securely on transport trucks.

A 3D rendering of the final design of the new MC14BL Mobile Compactor wth Bi Lift
A 3rendering f the new MC14BL with the bin lift in the up position.
The extension we needed to add to the footprint to ensure the new MC14BL wouldn't slide round the back of the truck

Key Benefits

A 3D redering of the new MC14BL
A side view of the new MC14BL in the workshop
Front view of the new MC14BL whilst it was in the workshop

The presence of a compactor with a bin lift offers advantages to most businesses and sites that employ large bins for waste collection and movement. Many of these locations grapple with limited space, rendering larger waste management systems impractical. Using the MC14 Mobile Compactor eliminates the need for manual waste transfer from bins to the compactor, leading to time and labour cost savings. Furthermore, it reduces the number of required uplifts, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, our energy-efficient system decreases the carbon footprint by consuming less energy compared to traditional transport methods.

The standard MC14 Compactor can achieve a compaction ratio of up to 4:1, depending on the materials. The MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift is designed to deliver similar performance. In practical terms, a 14-yard skip would typically hold around 1 ton, whereas our compactors can enhance this capacity to 3-4 tonnes per skip.

The Road Ahead

We are committed to maintaining open communication with our partner, ensuring regular updates on weights when emptying the MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift. Routine servicing will allow us to identify signs of wear and tear and gather operator feedback, which has so far been positive. This information will serve as a guide for future improvements as we continue to pioneer in waste management.

Front view of the new MC14BL with the bin lift up whilst on our workshop
The new MC14BL on the back of the transport truck
Another view of the new MC14BL on the back of the transport truck