Welcome to the June 2024 edition of Compaction Catch Up, our monthly update on how the business is doing. We aim to show off our production capabilities as well as our superb team.

  • Steve attended a golf tournament at one of our suppliers in Denmark, cleverly disguised as a networking event. The high-quality equipment they provide integrates fantastically with our systems. The timing of the visit was perfect, allowing him to catch the England V Denmark match during his stay.
  • We are thrilled to announce that we have secured an important tender! A big thank you to our Ops Manager Andy for his hard work on this. Once all the paperwork is finalised we will share more details about this special site.
  • One of our Wate Management Specialists, Keith Rapp, recently participated in the Bedford Chamber of Commerce Summer Reception, where he showcased the ECObed product from our parent company Pearce Group at a stand alongside various other local businesses.

Many of the machines we sent out this month had something bespoke done to them. Our engineer Ashley was on site for most of these installs to make sure they went smoothly.

  • Our engineers have serviced 89 balers and compactors.
  • We installed 22 compactors and balers, across 14 sites.
  • We received a delivery of 10 mobile and static compactors that are now ready for refurbishment.
  • Steve treated us to what we wanted from the food van for breakfast (second breakfast for some of us).
Food van with several staff hanging around eating or ordering food
Most important meal of the day!
SC3000BL Rear Ground Bin Lift, not a common set up but works perfect in the right situations.
SC3000BL Rear Ground Bin Lift, not a common set up but works perfect in the right situations.
a HB550 with the bottom door hinged on the opposite side than normal
HB550 Mill Size Baler with the bottom door hinged the opposite way from standard.
A close up of the modfiied handle
SC3000 Static Compactor with a modified turnbuckle
an image of both previous machnes on the transport.
Both on the transport ready to get delivered and installed.
one of our most expensive and customeised MC32 Mobile Compactors
2x MC32BL Mobile Compactors with Bin Lift.
two of the highly upgraded MC32BL
With upgraded SolarPac, SmarTec, Flip-Over Cages and 2 side doors.
A DC205 Dru Crusher before the compactor had run
DC205 Drum Crusher with a fast cycle module.
A squished barell in a DC205 Drum Crusher
As this one was for a site further North Guy Saunders installed this one.
A fully Refurbished static compactor with a fork lift tipper hopper
Refurbished Static Compactor designed for emptying with a fork lift
A HB550 with a padloack shackle addded
HB550 Mill Size Baler with an additional padlock shackle to prevent unauthorised use.
A MC32BL with added Greedy Boards
MC32BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift with added Greedy Boards for a site with a lot of crosswinds.