Mark Holford

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Phone: 07983 332180

Case Studies

Front view of the new MC14BL whilst it was in the workshop
Enhancing Waste Management: The MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift
We are excited to introduce the brand-new MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift, an evolution of our...
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He knows the recycling industry like the back of his hand

Meet Mark Holford, a seasoned professional with a passion for driving positive change in the recycling industry. With a rich background in sales and business development, specifically within recycling, Mark has become a driving force in the field.

Mark has honed his skills through years of experience in sales and business development, specializing in the recycling industry. His deep understanding of the sector positions him as a valuable asset in creating sustainable solutions for businesses.

In his current role as Area Sales Manager, Mark takes the lead in guiding and implementing sales strategies for London and its surrounding areas. His strategic approach ensures that businesses not only meet their environmental goals but also thrive economically through effective recycling solutions.

Mark is more than a sales professional; he’s a positive force in any room. His friendly demeanour and honest approach make him not just a consultant but a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate the complex landscape of recycling. Mark’s ability to build relationships goes beyond business—it’s about creating connections that last.

Beyond the boardroom, you’ll find Mark bringing his sporting spirit to life. While he was once a semi-pro football player, he now channels his love for the game through 5-a-side matches, showcasing his enduring passion for sportsmanship. In addition, Mark has a unique hobby—he collects coins, a testament to his appreciation for history and the finer details in life.

Mark is driven by a mission to make sustainable practices accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes. His commitment to honesty and transparency ensures that clients receive not only top-notch service but also a genuine ally in their sustainability journey.

In the dynamic world of recycling, Mark Holford stands out as a beacon of positivity and expertise, blending his professional acumen with a sporting spirit and a collector’s eye. Connect with him for sales strategies that not only drive results but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.