Steve Greaves

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Phone: 07508 407 464

Case Studies

Case Study: Dock Loaded SC3000 Static Compactor with Raised Walkway.
Introduction The company approached us when their 30-year-old static compactor became too unreliable...
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Front view of the new MC14BL whilst it was in the workshop
Enhancing Waste Management: The MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift
We are excited to introduce the brand-new MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift, an evolution of our...
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The master at saving companies money

Steve brings a unique blend of creativity and environmental expertise to our team as a Waste Management Specialist. With a background in creating vibrant murals for businesses, Steve has seamlessly transitioned into the world of waste management, where his passion for sustainable solutions shines through. 

He plays a crucial role in getting our British-built balers and compactors to local, national and international companies. He leverages his artistic eye and innovative thinking to present eco-friendly waste management solutions that benefits both businesses and the environment. 

Before joining our team in 2013, Steve was known for his remarkable mural creations that adorned businesses and public spaces. This creative background fuels his problem-solving skills allowing him to approach waste management with fresh ideas. Steve’s ability to bridge the gap between artistry and environmental consciousness has made him a valuable asset in promoting sustainability in waste management. 

Steve’s friendly demeanour and professional expertise make him an approachable resource for companies looking to enhance their waste management practices. He is dedicated to helping businesses make responsible choices that benefit the planet while improving their bottom line. 

Steve Greaves is a testament to the fact that innovation and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand. His passion for waste management, coupled with his artistic spirit, make him an integral part of our team, committed to transforming how businesses approach waste in a creative and sustainable way