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Case Studies

MC32 Mobile Blue RAL 5010 (12)
Case Study: The Compactor that Couldn't be Emptied
Introduction We recently installed a MC32 Mobile Compactor that was to be used for compacting insulation...
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Case Study: Creating a Dolav Bin Lift
Introduction We were approached by one of our clients, for whom we have built several balers and compactors...
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Case Study: A Bespoke MC32W Wet Waste Mobile Compactor for A1 Bacon
Introduction Our Waste Management Specialist Tommie Coll visited A1 Bacon to understand the company’s...
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Front view of the new MC14BL whilst it was in the workshop
Enhancing Waste Management: The MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift
We are excited to introduce the brand-new MC14BL Mobile Compactor with Bin Lift, an evolution of our...
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Driving waste management excellence with a personal touch

Meet Tommie Coll, a seasoned professional with a knack for building meaningful relationships and driving positive change. With a  background as a Senior Relationship Manager in the Banking Sector, Tommie has seamlessly transitioned into his current role as a Waste Management Specialist.

In his current position, Tommie focuses on the South coast of England and the London area, where he collaborates with businesses to not only reduce costs but also enhance their waste management efficiency. His commitment to understanding the unique needs of each client sets him apart, ensuring tailored solutions that make a tangible impact.

In addition to his professional successes, 2023 marked a significant personal milestone for Tommie as he welcomed his first child, a beautiful baby girl. This achievement underscores his ability to balance a demanding career with the joys of family life.

Tommie is more than just a Waste Management Specialist; he’s a friendly, happy, and outgoing professional. His honest approach to business relationships fosters an environment of trust and collaboration. Clients appreciate not only his expertise but also the genuine enthusiasm he brings to every interaction.

Beyond the boardroom, you’ll find Tommie passionately supporting his favorite football team, Bournemouth. His love for the game reflects his team spirit and dedication, qualities that seamlessly translate into his professional life.

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